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Live Operator vs Voicemail

"With how much outsourcing there is with answering services today, it is such a relief to find a service that is 100% based in the U.S.A. The pricing is amazing for the services they offer, and management was exceptional at getting me started. My clients were so much happier speaking to a live operator rather then my old voicemail, I can clearly attribute the service to increasing my client base." ~ Bob P. speaks of the live operator service for his janitorial service company in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Call Center Identifying a True Emergency Call

"We used other services in the past, but until I switched over to Red Bank Call Center I never realized the potential that an answering service can have. They helped me tailor fit my account, so I now have a life outside the office! They do a great job at prioritizing my calls and only contact me in the case of true emergency!" ~ Carol S. uses answering service to identify emergency calls for a Medical Transcription company in Howell, NJ.

Eliminates Overtime with Phone Service

"I never realized how much overtime I was paying my staff to handle our phone volume. Once we started using Red Bank Call Center, I was able to eliminate overtime to answer a phone! Now my staff can focus on other important tasks to keep our customers happy!" ~ Jennifer M. comments on improvements to staff schedules for a Home Health Care business in Middletown, NJ.

Value in Live Operators in the USA

"My customers not only appreciate, but value being able to speak to live operators that are here in the United States!” ~ Larry P. appreciates that the call center staff work in the USA and support his Maintenance company in Freehold, NJ.

Utilizing Call Center Features Saves $ and Increases Response Time

"I wasn't using all of the options that Red Bank Call Center offered and one of their representatives noticed. He reached out to me and based on his recommendations, we made several changes to my account. Not only did it save me money but increased my response time to my clients and my customers say how professional and efficient my business runs!" ~ Robert J. shares positive results of using call center features for his Engineering business in Jackson, NJ.

Need a Professional Call Center Solution?

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