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Voice Mail Solutions

Business Voice Mail Access 24/7

Business voice mail services available for any size company from a large corporation, a small business or an independent consultant.

The voice mail services are configured for your business needs and support the call service plan of your choice. Business voice mail is supported by our customer service department so your staff are guaranteed the support they need. Don't worry, your customers won't be lost in your voice mail system in an endless string of pushing buttons to get through to your answering service!

Digitally Recorded Calls

All calls are digitally recorded and backed up twice a week. If there is ever a need to reference an old message, one of our supervisors will be glad to assist you.

Business Voice Mail Custom Configurations

There are several options that can be configured with your services to better, handle your calls.

Multiple Greetings - Allows each customer to create up to 2 greetings which you can completely customize.

When You're Busy It's Easy to Transfer - You can leave for lunch and not worry, transfer your lines to Red Bank Call Center, take your lines back when you return and send them to us again at the end of your business day!

Extended Messages for FAQs - Inform your callers about your office hours of operation, while allowing emergencies and imperative calls to reach you!

Business Voice Mail Support

We will provide you with instructions on how to access your voice mail, how to set up the messages and we will designate a one touch key for your emergency calls.

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Business Voice Mail Access 24 Hours EVERYday!

Contact us today to set up your business phone support system with voice mail services.

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