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What is the number 1 reason to use a business telephone answering service?

Increased Customer Availability

Your virtual secretary will be working 24/7! A virtual secretary provides a seamless customer service experience. Most callers don't realize they've reached an answering service, they are just happy to speak with a live person instead of a machine.

Our live operators can take orders, dispatch, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and more. Why limit your availability to your customers to just 40 hours a week? Telephone Answering Service (TAS) makes it possible for you to never shut your doors!

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When can my business expect a ROI from the call center service?

It varies! 1st Month ...1000% ROI, the time frame for achieving a ROI varys from industry to industry

The time frame for when your business can expect a return on your investment will vary from industry to industry. Many of our clients have claimed that they have had a return on their investment within the first month of using one of our services.

Some have even said that their ROI was over 1000%!!! How is this possible? We offer a variety of phone support services from messages to order taking to appointment setting to lead capturing, all of which will help increase your company's bottom line. For some businesses our phone support service was able to capture lost sales and missed opportunities by simply expanding the hours of availability. You can also reduce your operations costs by not having to hire full-time, part-time staff, or vacation support.

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Do you offer disaster recovery call center support during emergencies?

Many of our clients have our call center service in their business continuity plan!

Yes! The Red Bank Call Center offers unparalleled reliability for emergencies and disaster recovery. We have many medical/professional organizations that rely on our answering service - it is part of their business continuity plan.

If your phone lines are ever down or you experience an interruption of phone service, simply call your phone provider operator and have your lines forwarded to Red Bank Call Center for as long as you need! We will help you provide seamless service to your customers! We don't like to take chances. We believe in full redundancy of phone lines, power, our computer systems, as well as offsite data storage to support your business needs. With operators in multiple locations throughout the United States, you can be sure that there will always be a live, friendly operator on the other end of the line ready, willing, and able to take your customers calls.

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Do you do more than simply take messages?

YES! Message taking is just one part of our service

We offer a variety of phone services- such as setting appointments, lead capturing, dispatching, disaster recovery support, etc. All you have to do is ask and we will work with you to fit your business needs!

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Is the call center outsourced in another country?

No outsourcing. All Calls Answered In the United States.

We have found that what frustrates loyal customers more than anything else is when they are unable to understand the customer service representative. While overseas call centers can represent a operational cost savings there potential loses due to language and communication issues. The Red Bank Call Center supports Americans, American jobs and American products!

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Will the caller need to push a lot of buttons to get routed to a call representative?

Dedicated Number, Dedicated Account Manager

No. Instead of forcing your customers and prospects to run through a maze of phone buttons, you'll have a dedicated number that will take you directly to your account and a representative. Want to find out more about how the calls are answered and dispatched? click here.

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