How the Call Service Works

Call Service Set-up

Your business telephone lines will be forwarded to our answering service via a designated phone line unique to each account. All calls forwarded to our service are then answered on the FIRST ring by our Infinity System with a pre-recorded business greeting of your choice. You will be able to record your own company greeting(s). A business often has two different greetings, one for a lunch message and the other for an after hours message.

How Calls are Answered and Dispatched

As soon as the greeting ends, the call is then routed to the next available operator on digitally recorded telephone lines with the account information regarding your business on our computer screens. Messages taken by our operators are typed and include dates, times and operator initials on each ticket. We also record in the ticket, when a message has been delivered the time of delivery, the operator who delivered the message and the means of delivery.

Upon request we can fax a list of any message taken for your account, to your office. To verify your customer traffic, your office can call the answering service main number and speak to any of our operators or use our automated check-in number, which allows the office to hear if there are any messages and using fax on demand, which will deliver the messages to your fax machine.

All of the digitally recorded messages are downloaded and backed up twice a week. Occasionally an office will need an old message and we can - given a short time - find those messages and fax them to the office.

Still unsure? Check out our Top 10 Reasons to use a Telephone Answering Service and Frequently Asked Questions for more information on Red Bank Call Center.

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